What is it?

Striker is

(Don't) use the source, Luke

It's all on GitHub. But please keep in mind, this game dates back to 2003. So, if you want to do anything like that, I'd recommend to rather start with something more up to date like Prototype4 or Z-Type.

How to play


Shoot as many enemy spacecrafts as possible.

Move your ship

Your vessel will follow your mouse cursor.


Press any key, preferably Control or Shift to fire a missile.


You get points for every shot that is fired at you and, of course, for every enemy vessel that you manage to destroy.


Your ship will stand two hits of enemy fire. The third, however, will kill you. Crashing into anything solid will break your vessel too.


Although your ship will fire only a fixed number of missiles at a time (depends on how big your window is), keep shooting all the time. Try to strafe below enemy ships. Move as little as necessary.


What is your level?

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